Harvey Chance

First Appearance:

August 8th, 1942

Known Associates:

Tiger Lilly

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 7

Harvey Chance was an investment banker at First State Bank in the City. He was a heavyset man with short dark hair and a high forehead. He typically wore round eyeglasses and smoked cigars.

Chance was contacted by Tiger Lilly, who invited Chance to visit the Tiger's Rest Golf Club to see an investment opportunity.

Character BiographyEdit

Lilly had rigged an artificial hot sulfur spring. He showed it to Chance, claiming that it was a natural phenomenon. This would make the Tiger's Rest Golf Club an extremely valuable piece of real estate, as hot sulfur springs were believed to have great restorative and therapeutic affects.

Chance was impressed by the display and offered to write Lilly a check immediately. Lilly refused, insisting on being paid fifty thousand dollars in cash. Chance agreed to return the next day with the money.

Meeting Dick TracyEdit

When Chance returned, he was met by Dick Tracy. Tracy had been working undercover at the Golf Club, investigating Tiger Lilly for several other criminal activities. Tracy revealed Lilly's deception to Chance, but the pair was discovered by Lilly before they could leave.

Lilly sealed Tracy and Chance in his underground hideout which was slowly being flooded with carbon monoxide gas being piped in from an industrial lawn mover outside the sealed door. Tracy and Chance avoided succumbing to the fumes by staying close to the floor. A rainstorm doused the spark plug in the engine of the lawn mower and it stopped running. Tracy and Chance were soon freed by Junior, Frizzletop and Dennis O'Copper.

Chance returned to his bank job in the city.

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