Hantz Turtle

First Appearance:

June 13th, 1944

Known Associates:

The Brow (deceased)
Spy 26
Joe (deceased)
Doc (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

July 7th, 1944

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
The Dick Tracy Casebook
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 9

Hantz Turtle (aka Agent 12) was an operative of the Brow. He was a shorter man with sunken cheeks. Hantz typically wore round eyeglasses and a flat cap.

Hantz was involved in the kidnapping of the Summer Sisters when they tried to pawn a pair of field glasses that had been left at their room by Spy 26, another one of the Brow's men.

Hantz was later killed by June Summer during a gunfight in the Brow's hideout.

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