Halakahiki was an orphaned native Hawaiian girl who wore a grass skirt and a garland of flowers.

Story Edit

Halakahiki's parents were killed during the big storm in the early 1960s and she was sent to Dick Tracy's city, where her aunt was living. Apparently Halakahiki had never seen her aunt, and her only clue as to the woman's identity was a pineapple tattoo that she had on her ankle and that her aunt also had on her ankle. Spots read of the girl's search for her aunt in the papers and cococted a scheme to claim Halakahiki. Since Ms, Spots, his wife, was a native Hawaiian herself, all they had to do was have her ankle tattooed with a pineapple and they were home free. This plan was successful at first, but unfortunately for Spots, Halakahiki was easily able to see through her disguise because her tattoo was still sore. Ms, Spots was killed trying to help Halakahikl escape from her husband, and the little Hawaiian girl was eventually reunited with her aunt.

Notes Edit

Gould's depiction of the pineapple tattoos on Ms. Spots's and Halakahiki's legs being identical is somewhat questionable, as no artist could exactly duplicate someone else's tattoo or do a pineapple the same way twice.

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