The Green Hornet

Real Name:

Britt Reid

First Appearance:

January 31st, 1936 (on radio)
April 10th, 2018 (in Dick Tracy, as Britt Reid)
April 22nd, 2018 (in Dick Tracy, as The Green Hornet

Known Associates:

Lenore Case

Created By:

George W. Trendle
Fran Striker

The Green Hornet is the alter ego of the wealthy newspaper publisher Britt Reid. As the Green Hornet, Reid fights organized crime in Central City.

Britt Reid is a tall, handsome man with thick black hair. He is the owner and publisher of the Daily Sentinel newspaper in Central City.

Through the Daily Sentinel, The Green Hornet has cultivated the public perception that he is an underworld kingpin. This enables him to disrupt criminal activity under the ruse that he is seeking to eliminate competition and gain more spoils for himself, as well as developing a reputation for being ruthless and dangerous.

Encountering Dick Tracy Edit

In 2018, The Green Hornet's partner Kato was abducted by the underworld figure Cyrus Topper. Topper then came to Dick Tracy's city to seek an alliance with the Apparatus to help him fight the Green Hornet. Britt Reid (accompanied by his assistant Lenore Case) arrived in the city to pursue Topper. He informed both the police and the local media in an attempt to publicize the Green Hornet's presence (and explain why both men were in the city at the same time).


  • The Green Hornet uses a specially modified car known as Black Beauty. Kato usually acts as his driver, but in Kato's absence Lenore Case drove the Black Beauty (while wearing a disguise herself).
  • BrittReid

    Britt Reid in his civilian identity.

    It has been established that Britt Reid is a distant relative of John Reid, the Lone Ranger. Both properties were originally produced by the Detroit radio station, WXYZ. The exact relationship varies from one source to another (a situation that further complicated by the copyrights for each property being owned by separate companies), but this would tend to indicate that the Lone Ranger was a real person in the world of Dick Tracy.
  • Comic books featuring the Green Hornet have been published by both Harvey Comics and Dell Comics. The rights to the character are currently held by Dynamite Entertainment.