Otis (last name unknown), the Governor of Dick Tracy's state, set about trying to reform criminal fashion designer Dade Plenty so that he could design a dress for Lyda, the Governor's wife. When this started to affect his political career, he destroyed the dress Dade had been working on. This angered his wife who stabbed him with a sword.

While the Governor was recovering, his wife was poisoned. To honor her memory, the Governor pardoned Dade with encouragement from his maid, Marie. The maid had Dade hide out on the mansion's grounds where he was discovered by an angry Governor. The three had a scuffle where the maid was killed by a ricochet bullet. It was revealed that the maid had killed the Governor's wife.

After this, the Governor had started an affair with Perfume Plenty and was approached by two of Dade's old henchmen who asked him to pardon their brother which he refused. Later they trapped him and Perfume on top of a Ferris wheel and the Governor fell to his death.

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