George Tawara

First Appearance:

January 20th, 2013

Known Relatives:

Brad, Husband

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

George Tawara was an American actor of Japanese ancestry. As a child, he had been interred at Camp Freedom during World War II.

George Tawara came to Dick Tracy's city to prepare a stage play based on his life. George was contacted by Tracy when a mysterious murder confession was found at the former site of Camp Freedom. George then became embroiled in the case of Sweatbox.

Notes Edit

  • George Tawara was based on the real-life actor George Takei (of "Star Trek"). Takei's likeness (and that of his husband Brad) was used with permission. The reason for the name-change has not been clearly established.
  • Tawara stated that he and Tracy had worked on a feature film together at some point in the past. This would presumably have been The Dick Tracy Story, but this was not confirmed.

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