Fortson B. Knox
Fortson B. Knox (left), with Dick Tracy

First Appearance:

June 11th, 1951

Known Relatives:

Carol Knox, Wife
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Sister-in-Law

Appearance of Death:

June 27th, 1951

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Dick Tracy Casebook
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 13

Fortson B. Knox was a wealthy man and prominent citizen in Dick Tracy's city. He had wavy hair and typically wore eyeglasses. Knox was secretly a member of the criminal syndicate operated by The King.

Knox had an attractive young wife named Carol, who resented him. Shortly after the birth of his first child, Knox was robbed by Crewy Lou Brown and her associate Sphinx. He was then murdered by his wife, who attempted to shift the blame for the murder to the robbers.


  • The name "Fortson B. Knox" was apparently inspired by Fort Knox, the home of the United States government's gold reserve.

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