Part of the appeal of the Dick Tracy comic strip is its unique villains. Often marked by grotesque deformities, they stood in contrast with the attractive of the Gould created heroes. They reflected a world of "black and white" morality that was a hallmark of the series.

Below is a listing of the major villains with their creator and the year/date of their first appearance in the comic strip.

This is a work "in process". Will continue to update. Welcome any corrections or contributions of information for the table



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Villain First Appeared Creator History
Madam Parfum 1968 Gould  
Mambo 1955 Gould  
Mar, The 1938 Gould  
Marrg Plainsman 1967 Gould  
Mason 1940 Gould A killer whose guilt was revealed by the amnesiac Mary X.
Matty Square 1965 Gould  
Max Gorge 2000 Kilian  
Measles 1945 Gould  
Mimi 1936 Gould Mimi was the girlfriend of former gangster Lips Manlis. After Lips reformed and became Bob Honor, he refused to associate with Mimi or his old gang anymore. Angry, Mimi arranged for the warehouse Bob was guarding to be burnt down so he would be fired. However, Bob wasn't on duty at the time and he even found the firebomb, making him a hero. They then resorted to kidnapping him, but while Mimi was out on an errand, Lips broke free, arrested the gang and started to haul them to headquarters. Mimi got back in time to see what was happening, so in an attempt to prevent it, she swerved her car in front of Bob's truck. The crash crippled her hand and she got away while Bob freed the captured gang from the burning truck and held them until Tracy arrived. Mimi lost her hand and panicked, she went to dope-peddler Toyee's boat to hide-out. Toyee captured Tracy and Pat when they came to his boat after Mimi and tried to drown them, but they were rescued by Chief Brandon and Junior. Toyee and Mimi got away to Toyee's waterfront hideout, but Tracy quickly caught up to them. He caught Mimi and her gang and while Tracy arrested Toyee, Mimi managed to stab Pat and get away. She got back to her place and had her gang kidnap Lips and drug him. While he was drugged, Mimi married him and then proceeded to convert Lips back to his old ways. Tracy enlisted Kitty Manlis, Lips' ex-wife, to find Lips and help him. When they arrived, Lips dropped Kitty and Tracy into a pit, making Tracy believe that Lips was once again crooked. Instead, Lips had done it to ensure Tracy's safety while he captured Mimi's gang. Realizing that she was beat, Mimi committed suicide by drinking a vial of poison.
Mindy Ermine 1968 Gould  
Miss Egghead 1958 Gould  
Miss Intro 1968 Gould Daughter of Mr. Intro, also known as "The Painted Lady"
Miss Rinkles 1974 Gould  
Miss Spray 2000 Kilian  
Mistress of Death 2001 Kilian  
Mole, The 1941 Gould The Mole runs an underground motel for fugitives. Seeking safety, purse thief Duke escapes to the Mole's lair.. Angered by the fact that The Mole took all of his cash, Duke tries to sneak out with Mole's dough, but is caught and strangled. The Mole throws him into another sewer, but the body is found, along with Mole's fingerprints on the manhole cover. Tracy and the force decide to dig around and find The Mole when the ground collapses, plunging Tracy right into his hideout. A fight ensues, but the two are separated when the tunnel collapses some more. Tracy finds his way out via the back entrance. The Mole digs his way out and is captured as he reaches the surface.
Molene 1971 Gould  
Mountain Man, The 1997 Locher  
Mousey Rattner 1949 Gould  
Mousse 2004 Kilian  
Mr. Bribery 1965 Gould  
Mr. Crime 1952 Gould  
Mr. Halloween 2002 Kilian A pedophile and kidnapper who abducted Jewel Tracy and two other children. He was crushed by a car as he tried to escape from police into a manhole.
Mr. Kroywen 1940 Gould A baby is found in a suitcase in a luggage terminal. The baby is the grandson of Mr. Kroywen. His son Kress had married Toby Townly, and she had hidden it so Mr. Kroywen couldn't use it for his experiments. As soon as Kress and his father arrive to claim the child, Mr. Kroywen abducts it, takes it to his lab and injects it with tropic sleep to see if the cure he invented works. Tracy catches up to him and arrest Kroywen, but the cure is spilt in the process. Tracy is forced to recreate the cure and administer it to save the child's life.
Mr. Litter 1969 Gould  
Mr. Oily 2001 Kilian  
Mr. Pops 2009 Locher Circus clown who conspired with the strongwoman Barb Els and others to take over the circus they worked at.
Mrs. Baxter 1997 Locher  
Mrs. Peek 1963 Gould  
Mrs. Pruneface 1943 Gould  
Mrs. Volts 1948 Gould  
Mumbles 1947 Gould  
Murky Depps 1984 Collins  
Nah Tay 1965 Gould  
Nat Natnus 1939 Gould Tracy ends up on Nat Natnus, the Fur King's case when he swipes a patrol car during a getaway. Nat dumps the furs on them, along with the child hostage. Tracy goes to the farm where the furs were stolen from and finds the imprint of their license plate on a newly-painted fence. Tracy goes to their hideout in disguise and swipes a fur for examination. When it turns out to be stolen, they set a trap for Nat when he calls up a local fur dealer with a proposition. Nat shows up with the goods and Tracy pops out of a wall-papered over dressing room to arrest him.
Ned Bush 1998 Locher  
Nicky the Assassin 1970 Gould  
Nifty Wreath 1943 Gould  
Nilon Hoze 1946 Gould  
No Face 1993 Kilian  
Noodles 2002 Kilian  
Normal Jones 1985 Collins  
Nothing Yonson 1955 Gould Oodles and Joe Period. Briefly employed Lizz as a photographer.
Nouveau, Isabel 1998 Locher  
Nuremoh 1939 Gould Edward Nuremoh, an old flame of Tess's, shows up and begins to woo Tess from Tracy. She's soon engaged to him and taken to the Nuremoh estate where she begins to suspect that the only reason that Edward is marring her is to guarantee his inheritance from Aunt Margot. On their wedding day, Aunt Margot is killed and Edward's brother Karl is framed for it. Tess figures out that Edward did it and for that, he tries to kill her. He ends up accidentally killing his true love, Lola, and decides to commit suicide by walking off a cliff.
Nutsy 1997 Locher  
Odds Zonn 1953 Gould  
Old Mike "The Smuggler" 1933 Gould  
Olga 1963 Gould  
One Eyed Jack 2009 Locher  
Oodles 1955 Gould  
Open-Mind Monty 1954 Gould  
Ownley Chylde 1981 Collins  
Packets 1965 Gould  
Pallette Twins, The 1963 Gould  
Panda 1952 Gould  
Pantsy 1957 Gould A gangland figure who tried to recover a cache of stolen money but got misled.
Peaches De Creme 1972 Gould  
Pear-Shape 1949 Gould  
Percy Brillig 2002 Kilian  
Perfume Gang, The 1937 Gould The Perfume Gang, consisting of Madeline Dell, Julie and their leader, Marge Denton, were perfume thieves. Requesting to see several different types of perfume, they would pour some of the most expensive perfume into a thermos strapped inside their coat, while the clerk was distracted getting another bottle. They sold their perfume to Madame, a perfume fence. As absurd as it sounds they made quite good money. Unfortunately, Madeline was cocky and decided to get a ride home from Tracy one day, and accidentally left her purse in the car. This purse contained, among other things, revolver shells. Upon discovering this, Tracy searched their abandoned apartment and found out their racket. He had Junior keep an eye out for the gang, and later Junior discovered their new hideout through risky means. Tracy later meets up with Madeline, who lures him into a trap where Tracy's taken prisoner. However, Tracy manages to get free and take Madeline prisoner, and then simply wait for the other two members to arrive with the perfume fence, capturing the whole gang
Pig E. Bank 1994 Locher  
Piggy Butcher 1968 Gould  
Pike, Smelt 1973 Gould  
Pinhead 2002 Kilian  
Pinkie the Stabber 1931 Gould  
Pony 1953 Gould Ex-wife of Canhead Plenty. She plotted with her new partner 3-D Magee to extort money from the wealthy Canhead.
Posie Ermine 1968 Gould  
Pouch 1971 Gould  
Prof. Emirc 1939 Gould Stooge Viller gets out of prison and hooks up with his friend Prof. Emirc. Viller agrees to sell Emirc's invented weapons to thugs on the street for a cut of the profits. Emirc's specialty is using pigs' feet tendons to fire pistols as they dry, killing victims after the criminal is gone. This odd trademark leads Tracy to him when he purchases his next order of pigs' feet. Tracy shows up only to be captured and hung inside a well as Emirc and Viller burn the lab and escape. Tracy breaks free and manages to catch up to Viller who's continuous attempts to win back his daughter Binnie become his downfall. When Viller finally goes to kidnap his daughter, Tracy's waiting and a fight ensues. Binnie tries to stop the fight by pointing a gun, but it accidentally goes off, shoots her father and eventually leads to his death. At Stooge's request, Tracy tells Binnie that her father had just gone back to jail. Emirc escapes uncaught.
Prune Hilda 1999 Kilian The youngest member of the Pruneface clan, she encountered Tracy twice before being betrayed by her associate Dr. Beau Tox.
Pruneface 1942 Gould

Being chased by Tracy, poison gas smuggler Cal Bullet attempts to hide in Purneface's hideout.. Pruneface becomes angry at Cal's stupidity for leading the police to him, so he floods the house with the posion gas, killing Cal and almost killing Tracy who had become trapped in Pruneface's basement. Tracy is later saved and Pruneface manages to get away.

Pruneface escapes and settles up at Mrs. Trueheart's in the spare room that she's renting out. She and Junior soon learn that Pruneface is planning to destroy a local war plant, so they gather evidence and then Junior takes it to headquarters. Pruneface goes after him but accidentally breaks his leg after slipping on ice. The doctor that Pruneface goes to isn't stupid, and knowing something's up, attempts to call the police. Pruneface keeps the doctor at gunpoint and from there Pruneface contacts his fellow agent Twenty. Twenty shows up and takes the two to an abandoned house to hide out at while Pruneface recovers. The police manage to catch up with them at the house and surround it. Twenty tries to sneak away, but Pruneface catches him and shoots him down. The doctor escapes and Pruneface remains as the police cut the heat to the home and break out the windows. After a few hours of the blizzard's temperatures, Pruneface freezes to death.

Pruneface was later shown to have survived through cryogenics and was revived. He faced Tracy a few more times before meeting his end.

Prunella 1985 Collins Prunella was the grandaughter of Nazi agent Pruneface and his sunken-eyed wife Mrs. Pruneface.
Pucker Puss 1976 Gould  
Purple Cross Gang 1936 Gould Purple Cross Gang was a group of bank robbers with a masked leader. They were marked by purple crosses tatooed on their tongues. Tracy was first being lead astray by false information from gang member Shirtless Kelton. When Baldy Stark leaves the gang, the members revolt over who should get his share of the loot. The leader tommy guns down the gang, and goes for Baldy. He is shot and killed by Stark when he bumps open a refrigerator door, revealing himself in the dark. His identity is Shirtsleeve Kelton,
Pushy Pointer 1981 Collins  
Putty Puss 1987 Collins  
Queen of Diamonds 2007 Locher  
Quentin Smirk 2001 Kilian  
Quiver Trembly 1979 Collins  
Rashy 1992 Collins  
Red Hawk 2002 Kilian  
Re-Enacters, The 2000 Kilian  
Resten Nester 1971 Gould  
Restless Mahoney 1990 Collins  
Rex Dancer 1996 Locher  
Ribs Mocco 1931 Gould Big Boy's second in command. Ribs was responsible for arranging the payroll robbery that used Tess as the driver and led to the capture of the gang. What he didn't realize was the reason that it failed was because he had accidentally hired Tracy in disguise as a thug for the robbery. After the smoke cleared, Ribs was arrested. Big Boy paid Ribs' bail and ordered him to kill Tracy. Ribs set things up for Tracy, but in an accident, he ended up getting shot by his men instead. He managed to barely live after the incident. When he got back out of jail, he hired Stooge Viller to set up Tracy. After Viller was arrested, Ribs has not been seen by Tracy since.
Ringo 2009 Locher Ringo is the owner of a circus who has been placed there are part of a witness protection program. When the circus receives death threats, Ringo assumes them are from the weapons smugglers he betrayed. While investigation the murder of a trapeze girl, Tracy and FBI Agent Ennen discover Ringo is blackmailing the other performers. A clown, Mr Pops, traps Tracy and Ennen in a tiger cage. Thye are rescue by Fee Fi the circus giant and Della Contessa the fat lady, and capture Mr Pops.
Rocksie 1994 Kilian Rocksie was the girlfriend of criminal Feets Diamond. After Diamond was arrested, she was later seen in the company of other criminals including Nutsy and Slugs Magnum.
Rod Hoze 1946 Gould  
Rono "Nails" Wolley 1938 Gould  
Rughead 1954 Gould  
Sal Monella 1998 Kilian A criminal who sold tainted snacks to airlines, Sal Monella disappeared after apparently being crushed in a trash compacter. He later re-surfaced as an unconventional music promoter who crossed paths with Dick Tracy again.
Scardol 1939 Gould After Mickey Gaines escapes the shootout between Wolley and Tracy, he goes to the hideout with an associate of his; Scardol. Scardol's racket involves holding up filling stations, getting back to his garage, and changing the car's plates and paint. After he shoots an officer who happens to show up at the wrong time, Tracy gets on the case. Scardol is ready for him though. He robs a filling station in the rain so the paint on his car runs off and leaves a trail back to his garage. Tracy, with Pop Gaines, follow it, Pop is shot, and both are captured. They are tied up and placed in front of a dam of concrete as Scardol prepares to release it. Suddenly Patton and the force show up, and Mickey gets a change of heart. He frees his father and Tracy, and Scardol is knocked down only to drown in their place. Mickey saves his father's life by giving him a blood transfusion.
Scorpio 1969 Gould  
Scratchy 2005 Kilian  
Selbert Depool 1941 Gould Selbert Depool was an escaped lunatic who kills his father at a health club. Afterwards, he hides out at the home of his mother, who had hated her husband as well. She goes to headquarters where she steals Selbert's sweater, the only piece of evidence. This brings Tracy to the Depool home, alerting Mrs. Depool's granddaughter Myrna, that something's up. Luckily Selbert is hiding in an old cistern in the basement and is unseen by Tracy. The tension soon tears the group apart, Selbert is wounded, Mrs. Depool killed and the home burned down. Selbert escapes with plenty of cash and buys a bar to hide out. When one of his girls gets to nosy, he kills her and this brings the police after him. He hides out in a parade atop a float and it's from there that he shoots Tracy. The float driver pulls under a low underpass, crushing the float and killing Selbert. Tracy is saved with a blood transfusion by a man named Constable Ferret.
Shaky 1944 Gould  
Shaman, The 2005 Kilian  
Shoulders 1946 Gould  
Sketch Paree 1949 Gould  
Sleet 1949 Gould  
Slugs Magnum 1999 Kilian   Former boyfriend of Rocksie.
Smallmouth Bass 1963 Gould  
Smokes 1995 Locher  
Snails 2001 Kilian  
Snake Eyes 1992 Collins  
Spaldoni 1934 Gould A corrupt attorney who attempted to frame Tess Trueheart.
Sphinx 1951 Gould  
Spinner Record 1951 Gould  
Splitscreen 1982 Collins  
Spots 1960 Gould  
Spready Spensive 1961 Gould  
Steve "The Tramp" 1932 Gould Steve the Tramp was the second husband of Junior's mother, Mary Steele. When Steve and Mary split up, Steve took Junior and they lived as vagabonds. Junior was eventually adopted by Dick Tracy, and Steve became a frequent antagonist to Tracy. Steve later reformed after serving a prison sentence.
Sticks Hepbeat 1954 Gould  
Stooge Viller 1933 Gould Stooge is sent for by Ribs Mocco to disgrace Tracy. Stooge manages to plant counterfeit bills in Tracy's wallet and after he unwittingly spends them he's kicked off the force by Brandon and Tess breaks off their engagement. While Tracy is hiding in shame, Stooge moves in on Tess and proposes to her. After their engagement, Tess discovers proof of Stooge setting Tracy up and ends up shot. Stooge flees to the train station to get out of town and he happens to come across Tracy who's figured out who set him up. After a brief battle, Stooge is arrested and Tracy redeemed.
Stud Bronzen 1938 Gould After his brief encounter with Bronzen while saving him from the Blank, Tracy learns that Bronzen is involved in the slave trade. He teams up with the Coast Guard Captain Shellbury and Chinatown mayor Chiang to capture Bronzen and his boss, Lee Ting. Tracy and Shellbury locate Bronzen's boat and follow it across he seas as Stud picks up his prisoners. As Stud is releasing prisoners off his boat at one point, Tracy suddenly catches up so Bronzen panics and kills the rest of the slaves. He gets away, but Tracy captures the boat of another slave smuggler named Rottur. They use Rottur's boat to approach Bronzen as if to replenish his slave supply. Bronzen sees that it's a trap, and a shoot-out occurs, and Bronzen is killed.
Stamp Thief, The 1996 Locher  
Student Shooter, The 2000 Kilian  
Subway Killer, The 1998 Locher  
T.V. Wiggles 1950 Gould  
Tanya 1976 Gould  
Tappy Welz 1975 Gould  
Tarter Soss 1961 Gould  
Texie Garcia 1931 Gould Big Boy's girlfriend, she was left with the smoking gun to take the blame after Big Boy shot Pat Patton through his apartment door. She was arrested, but refused to testify against Big Boy. She blackmailed her lawyer Habeas into paying her bail and Habeas tried to get an associate by the name of Dubbs to kill her. Tracy managed to prevent her death, but in the process she got away. Later, she  joined forces with Dan Mucelli.
Thistle Dew 1963 Gould  
Tiger Lilly 1942 Gould When Tracy is on a train that was purposely derailed, he soon learns that it was done by Tiger Lilly, a man who creates accidents so he can record the sounds and sell them to radio stations. Amard, one of his buyers, catches on to his methods and squeals to Tracy. Tiger kills Amard and flees to his private golf club. Junior and Tracy pose as workers for the resort and enlist the help of a war veteran named Frizzletop, to help them defeat Tiger's plan to sell off the course. He's managed to convince a local tycoon that the fields are rich in natural sulfur wells. Tracy exposes them, and Tiger and his gang flee down river until they reach a dam and end up stuck and easy to capture.
Tommy McConny 1962 Gould  
Tonsils 1952 Gould  
Torcher 1980 Collins  
Trendy Mobile 1986 Collins  
Trigger Doom 1941 Gould Trigger started dating a girl called Ginger Ferret, the daughter of a constable. Trigger robs a gas station and drives off with her, but on the way, a police car starts to chase them. Trigger cuts a corner too close and the car goes through a billboard. Trigger escapes but Ginger is burned alive. Constable Ferret joins up with Tracy and the two go after him. They chase him to his dairy farm where he runs his slot machine racket from, and he drops Tracy into a pit with a raging bull. Tracy's saved when Constable Ferret shoots the bull, and they capture everyone but Trigger who gets away. Trigger goes to his boss Czar Rennis, but he doesn't help him out and Trigger knows he's going to be killed. So he decides to kill Czar first, going around town trying to hire a gun. When everyone refuses, he just shoots Czar himself. Tracy is able to piece the evidence together however, and soon Trigger is under custody.
Truffa Dolan 1933 Gould  
Trusty Hubbub 1961 Gould  
Twitchy Oliver 1983 Collins  
Ugly Christine 1965 Gould  
Uncle Punky 1963 Gould  
Upward Lee Mobile 1986 Collins  
Warlock 1972 Gould  
Whip Chute 1939 Gould A body is found and with the help of Mickey Gaines' wife Mitzi, it leads Tracy of the trail of Whip Chute. Whip and his partner execute a plan to take the places of two Bovanian princes. It turns out that they are posing as the princes so they can easily loot wealthy estates. Tracy suspects that's Whip's game when he finds busts of the two princes in Whip's apartment. The two captive princes, meanwhile, set out a note for help and Junior came onto their location which was guarded over by a woman named Lilly. They all try to escape, but end up arrested and the princes set free. Whip learns that the two real princes have been discovered and so he and his partner try to escape. His partner, Rellik, is captured, and Whip falls to death when trying to climb down the marquee on the side of the building.
Will Carver 1978 Collins  
Willie the Fifth 1959 Gould  
Wormy Marrons 1949 Gould  
Wraith 1989 Collins A killer-for-hire, Wraith used Dr. Morpheus' Nightmare Machine to murder people in their dreams.
Wrathful Ralph 1999 Locher  
Yogee Yamma 1940 Gould Tracy comes across Yogee when Yogee's wife tries to shake him down for a new dress. He soon learns that Yogee owns a powerful gas that he uses to hypnotize wealthy widows and haves them empty their safes. Yogee's wife is captured when they try to escape at the airport, but Yogee gets away with the use of his gas on Tracy. Tracy starts to shadow Yogee and discovers his underground laboratory and the chained professor making the gas for him. Tracy ambushes Yogee when he returns, but Yogee gets away and floods the hideout. Luckily, a semi falls through the street providing an exit for Tracy and Prof. Roloc Bard. On the other side of town, Yogee has gotten drunk during his self-celebration and the flammable gas goes off, burning him alive.
Yollman 1942 Gould  
Zeke Z. Rowe 1979 Collins Unscrupulous fellow with a poor financial background. His computer records are accidently switched with straight-laced Zachary Z Rowe. Zeke takes advance of the situation until confronted by Zachary, who becomes the criminal known as the Computer Killer.
Zy Ghote 1979 Collins Geneticist who claimed to have cloned the criminal Mumbles. Was actually the Mumbles, made to look younger by Dr Will Carver. Ghote hoped to use the fraud to get funding for other experiments. Mumbles turns on Ghote, ties him up, then does to try to kill Carver. Capture by Tracy, who also charges Ghote with fraud.
Zero Naught 1977 Collins  
Z.Z. Welz 1975 Gould