First Appearance:

July 19th, 1943

Known Associates:

Mrs. Pruneface (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

September 3rd, 1943

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy: His Greatest Cases No. 3
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 8

Emil (last name unrevealed) was the assistant of Mrs. Pruneface. He was bald and grinned incessantly.

Emil was devoted to Mrs. Pruneface, and he helped prepare her house for her revenge plot against Dick Tracy. When Mrs. Pruneface abducted Tracy, Emil helped secure him in manacles. Later, Emil helped Mrs. Pruneface place Tracy into the ice block death trap.

After they abandoned their house, Emil and Mrs. Pruneface took up residence in an upper-floor apartment. One day, while Mrs. Pruneface was at her job as a cook at Hotel St. Fude, Emil disobeyed her instructions and tried to practice using her whip. The whip became snagged on a tree outside the apartment's window, and Emil was forced to let go of it.

Before Emil could recover the whip, it was discovered by Junior Tracy, who brought it to Dick Tracy's attention. When Mrs. Pruneface discovered that Emil had disobeyed her and lost her whip, she killed him in a rage.


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