Dyne O'Matick
Dyne O'Matick (center), with agents of the 52 Gang.

First Appearance:

August 26th, 1962

Death Revealed

October 17, 2013

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Wife
3 Unnamed Children

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol.20
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol.21

Dyne O'Matick was an engineer who worked for Diet Smith Industries. He developed the Space Coupe and was the first person to pilot it.

O'Matick had short hair and typically wore dark glasses and a baseball cap.

Captive of the 52 GangEdit

Shortly after the trip in which Diet Smith introduced the Space Coupe to Dick Tracy (with O'Matick piloting), Dyne O'Matick was abducted at knife-point by members of the 52 Gang. They forced him to fly the Space Coupe into orbit, where they ejected one of their enemies.

O'Matick was then held captive by the 52 Gang, who had him return the Space Couple to their secret hiding place in the Black Hills. O'Matick was then forced to fly the Space Coupe on further acts of abduction and murder. He resisted them, but the Gang was confident that O'Matick would not want to endanger his own life or his invention.

The Space Coupe was eventually discovered and Dick Tracy was able to rescue O'Matick and dismantle the 52 Gang. O'Matick then piloted the Space Coupe on a mission to recover the body of a law enforcement officer that the 52 Gang had left in orbit.


When Diet Smith revealed that Mysta Chimera was originally Glenna Ermine, and that her identity as Moon Maid was part of an elaborate plot to steal Smith's last Space Coupe, he mentioned in passing that the Coupe's inventor, Dyne O'Matick, "died years ago."


  • The name Dyne O'Matick is a play on Dynamatic, the name of an industrial machine manufacturer. It is a portmanteau of the words "dynamic" and "automatic".
  • For many of his appearances, Dyne O'Matick was addressed only as "pilot" or "engineer". 
  • Dyne O'Matick was initially the only person who was able to pilot the Space Coupe. Other pilots were trained later, and the Coupe was also shown to be relatively user-friendly which enabled otherwise-untrained people to fly it with brief instructions.

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