Dr. Plain

First Appearance:

December 8th, 1950

Known Relatives:

Mona Plain, Wife

Appearance of Death:

January 29th, 1951

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 13

Dr. Keenan Plain was a surgeon who lost his left arm shortly after finishing medical school. Despite the handicap, he trained himself to become a skilled surgeon. He was bald and had a moustache.

Plain claimed that he had studied to be a doctor at the Royal College of Medicine in Chile. While in South America, he befriended the nitrate magnate Mr. Forchune. Forchune was killed by natives, and Plain lost his arm saving Forchune's wife from a similar attack.

Dr. Plain and his wife Mona developed a scheme to inherit the fortune of the widow Mrs. Forchune. His scheme involved using a flamethrower that attached to the prosthesis on his left arm.

Dr. Plain's plot was discovered, and while fleeing police he inadvertently set himself on fire and died in the blaze.