Diet Smith Industries was the for-profit business operated by Diet Smith.

It was a large, very successful company with holding across America and around the world. Diet Smith Industries was a technological innovator, with products ranging from communications to transportation to security and more. Many of the company's products were especially well-suited to law-enforcement applications, and Diet Smith has reserved some of the items (such as the 2-Way Wrist Radio and its antecedents) for use only by law enforcement agencies (and in some cases only by Dick Tracy and his department).

Some of the most remarkable developments by Diet Smith Industries were made by Smith's son Brilliant before his untimely demise.

The Moon Era Edit

With the development of the Space Coupe and the discovery of life on the moon, Diet Smith Industries was at the forefront of Earth-Moon trading. Several installations were placed on the moon and many Diet Smith Industries employees were housed there.

Smith Industries moon activities focused heavily on mining and communications.

Post-Moon Era Edit

When relations were severed between the Earth and the moon (following the death of Moon Maid), Diet Smith Industries re-focused on Earth-bound enterprises. In addition to improving and updating its existing products (such as the 2-Way Wrist Computer), Smith Industries developed new energy sources using fusion, which Diet Smith believed would be cleaner and more efficient.

Diet Smith Industries continues to be an innovator in the world of technology, and an ally to law enforcement.

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