Trey Tracy

First Appearance:

January 11th, 2015

Real Name:

Richard Tracy III

Known Relatives:

Sparkle Plenty, Mother
Junior Tracy, Father
Honeymoon Tracy, Half-Sister
Jewel Tracy, Sister
B.O. Plenty, Maternal Grandfather
Gravel Gertie, Maternal Grandmother
Dick Tracy, Adoptive Paternal Grandfather
Tess Tracy, Adoptive Paternal Grandmother
Hank Steele, Biological Paternal Grandfather (deceased)
Mary Steele, Biological Paternal Grandmother (deceased)
Attitude Plenty, Uncle
Bonnie Tracy, Aunt via Adoption
Joe Tracy, Uncle via Adoption

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

Dick Tracy the 3rd is the second child of Junior Tracy and Sparkle Plenty. He is their first son.

Junior stated that they child would probably be nicknamed "Trey" in order to avoid confusion.

Birth Edit

Junior and Sparkle announced that they were expecting another baby during the TV special about Dick Tracy hosted by Wendy Wichel.

Later, Sparkle went into labor on the same night that Gruesome blew up the Patterson Playhouse. This delayed Dick Tracy's arrival at the hospital. By the time Tracy arrived, his grandson had been born.

Stiletta Jones (aka Mrs. Flattop) soon planned to kidnap Trey as means of inflicting suffering on Dick Tracy, but she was waylaid before she could do so.

Notes Edit

  • Trey's birth was depicted on Christmas Day, 2014. His name and gender were not revealed until 2 weeks later. Due to the nature of the strip's sliding time-line, it is unclear if December 25th will be considered Trey's official birthday.

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