Dick Tracy: The Complete True Hearts and Tommy Guns Trilogy
Author John Moore
Illustrator Kyle Baker
Publication date 1990
ISBN 9781561150045
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Dick Tracy: The Complete True Hearts and Tommy Guns Trilogy is the graphic novel collection of the 3-issue comic book tie-in released in conjunction with the 1990 "Dick Tracy" feature film. The comic was written by John Moore with art by Kyle Baker.

The collected volume includes 2 prequel stories that establish the power struggle within the criminal underworld, as well as Dick Tracy's rise to prominence in the Police Department. Issue 3 is an adaptation of the film itself.

The series includes several characters that do not appear in the film, and it further explores the backstory of Big Boy and Breathless Mahoney.

The comic book series does not contradict anything depicted in the film, though it does contain elements that conflict with events in the film's follow-up novel "Dick Tracy Goes to War", specifically the appearance of the Mole


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