Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes
Author Chester Gould

Max Allan Collins

Illustrator Chester Gould

Rick Fletcher
Dick Locher

Publication date 1991
Published by St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0312063377
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Dick Tracy Casebook
Followed by
Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes: A 60th Anniversary Celebration was published in 1991 by St. Martin's Press. It is a collection of Dick Tracy comic strips, edited by Max Allan Collins with introductions for each storyline by Dick Locher.

Included StorylinesEdit


  • The first storyline collected represents nearly a full year's worth of strips, containing almost all of 1956. Some strips or panels have been omitted, mostly those that relate to Lizz's continued training and advancement within the police department.
  • The format of the book was also used for the previous year's The Dick Tracy Casebook.


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