First Appearance:

October 25th, 1940

Known Associates:

Johnny Naem

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 6

Deafy Sweetfellow (possibly an alias) ran a bicycle theft ring in Dick Tracy's city. He had heavy eyelids and prominent lips. Deafy used a hearing aid and pretended to be deaf, but he actually had exceptionally good hearing.

Deafy had his accomplice Johnny Naem recruit Junior Tracy to operate a bicycle parking lot on a piece of property that Deafy owned near Junior's school. Deafy then arranged for a number of the bicycles to be damaged, thus creating a market for his stolen bicycles. Junior discovered the plot and exposed Deafy, but was seriously injured in the process.

Deafy was tracked down by Dick Tracy, and was subsequently captured. He was identified by Junior.

Deafy apparently received a sentence of 20 years for theft and assault, but was later paroled.