First Appearance:

April 28th, 1988

Known Relatives:

Janice Trohs, Wife (Deceased)
Jerome Trohs, Father-in-Law (Deceased)
Mamma, Mother-in-Law (Deceased)

Known Associates:


Created by:

Max Allan Collins &
Dick Locher

The man known as "Daddy" (real name unrevealed), was a large man with light hair. He was the husband of Janice Trohs, who had apparently chosen to keep her maiden name. Daddy was a kind-hearted, avuncular man, who participated in Janice's crimes primarily because he was so devoted to her.

The Sparkle Plenty Jr CaseEdit

Janice Trohs had been involved in several crimes throughout her life, and it was implied that Daddy had been an accomplice in some of them. In 1988, Janice, along with Daddy and her attorney, committed a daring kidnapping at a hospital in Dick Tracy's city. They abducted 12 babies from the maternity ward, including the newborn Sparkle Plenty Tracy Jr

Daddy cared for the babies while Janice brokered their "adoption" by wealthy parents. When they discovered that one of the babies was Dick Tracy's granddaughter, Janice demanded that Daddy cut the baby's hair, which could easily identify her. Daddy could not bring himself to do it, and instead tucked Sparkle Jr's hair into her bonnet, where it would not be seen.

Older Kids and Joe TracyEdit

Janice's next crime involved abducting some older children. Daddy opposed the idea, and stayed with the babies while Janice and their attorney committed the kidnapping. They were followed by young Joe Tracy, who Janice discovered on their property. Janice assaulted Joe and tied him up in their barn, instructing Daddy to keep the prisoner fed and cared for.

Daddy was kind to Joe, who was eventually able to contact his father. Dick Tracy soon arrived at the hideout and confronted the kidnappers. Daddy confessed and surrendered, but Janice was killed while trying to escape after abandoning Daddy to the police.

The kidnapped children were later returned to their rightful parents, including Sparkle Jr.

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