The Clipso Brothers
Jim (rear) and John Clipso

First Appearance:

May 20thth, 1957

Known Relatives:

Aunt Bett, Aunt (deceased)

Known Associates:

Giant Setton (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

July19th, 1957

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

The Clipso Brothers (Jim and John) were apparently identical twins. They were heavyset, with thick dark hair.

The Clipso brothers had a criminal past. They attempted to trick the inventor Morin Plenty by assembling a machine that could supposedly replace a man's worn-out shoe heel while the man waited, without the necessity of removing the shoe. In fact, the replacement was made by Giant Setton, a small man who hid inside the machine.

Morin Plenty's wife Blossom discovered the deception, and she was killed as the Clipsos attempted to escape. During the altercation, a finger on Jim's right hand was shot off.

When Giant stated his intention to leave their association, John Clipso strangled him to death. The Brothers then left their car (with Giant's body inside) on a railroad crossing where it was struck by a train.

The Clipsos then hid on the bee farm of their Aunt Bett, but they were tracked down and killed by Giant's widow.