Chief Yellowpony

First Appearance:

March 28th, 1935

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Daughter

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 3

Chief Yellowpony was Native American who assisted Dick Tracy against Boris Arson, Zora Arson, and Cutie Diamond. A member of the Pawnee tribe, Yellowpony was a large man with dark hair that he wore in long braids.

The Arson ConnectionEdit

Years earlier, Yellowpony had purchased some property from Arson, and Arson had promised to marry Yellowpony's daughter at some point in the future. Later, when Arson had escaped from prison with the aid of his sister Zora, he contacted Yellowpony and enlisted the unwitting Chief to help him flee the City.

Yellowpony realized that he was being used, and aided Dick Tracy in tracking and capturing Arson and his associates.


  • Yellowpony was depicted as a rather broad Native American stereotype, though his character was also brave and resourceful.
  • Yellowpony had a real-life model in Moses Yellow Horse, a professional baseball pitcher who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as numerous minor league teams. Like Chester Gould, he was a native of Pawnee, OK, and a member of the Pawnee tribe.
  • Yellowpony was referred to as "Chief". This title applied to his status in his tribe, and was not an indicator of rank in a police department or military organization.

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