Charlie and Joe Gass
The Gass Brothers (right), with Dick Tracy (left) and Sam Catchem (center)

First Appearance:

April 16th, 1949

Known Associates:


Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 12
The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy

Charlie and Joe Gass were part of Pear-Shape's criminal organization. Joe had light hair, and Charlie had dark hair and smoked cigars. The brothers had been involved with Pear-Shape's theft of jewels from Mary Waldo, as well as his selling them to an unnamed fence.

A year later, the men tried to burgle the now-deceased fence's house to find the hidden jewels. The first attempt resulted in Pear-Shape being bitten by Mugg the dog on his posterior.

On the second attempt, the men brought army surplus gas masks and knock-out gas which they attempted to use on Mugg, but the gas only made the dog's eyes water instead of rendering him unconscious. Mugg attacked the intruders and knocked their flashlights out of their hands.

One of the Gass brothers had problems seeing out of his mask. He was bitten badly by Mugg and then knocked out with one blow by Dick Tracy. Pear-Shape escaped but couldn't drive the getaway car because the brothers still had the car keys. Joe and Charlie Gass were arrested for burglary.


  • At no point in their original appearance were either of the Gass brothers addressed by name. Their names were revealed in a later Rogues' Gallery feature.
  • This Rogues' Gallery feature also indicated that the two men both received life sentences. However, since Pear-Shape was later granted parole, the Gass brothers may also have been paroled.
  • In the initial storyline, the police find that the car the men had been using was registered to a "Hed Hedges", which was stated to be one of the men Tracy had brought in. The Rogues' Gallery feature contradicts this, indicating that "Hed Hedges" may have been an alias that one of the brothers had used, or possibly a stolen identity.
  • Ambiguity in the artwork makes it difficult to establish which of the brothers was attacked bu Mugg. When they were arrested by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem, both brothers appeared injured and disheveled.
  • It was not clearly established if the Gass brothers had ever worked directly with Pear-Shape's other associates such as Nellie Biggs or Pedro Zelene, but it is possible.

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