Carduey McCoy

First Appearance:

July 15th, 1957

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Blossom Plenty, Sister (deceased)
Morin Plenty, Brother-in-Law
Extended Plenty Family

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

Carduey McCoy was the twin sister of Blossom Plenty. Carduey had light eyes, long blonde hair and a fierce dislike of men. When the rest of her family had left or passed away, she lived alone on a secluded mountainside in Tennessee.

After the death of Blossom, Carduey was approached by Blossom's husband Morin Plenty. Carduey rebuked him and Morin left. Carduey's home was then approached by Dick Tracy, who was seeking Morin on suspicion of murder. Carduey shot at Tracy, hitting him in the head.

The bullet did not penetrate Tracy's skull, and Carduey was able to tend to his wounds. Tracy recovered and took Carduey into custody. After Morin was cleared of the suspicions against him, he arranged for Carduey to live with a nearby family and attend school. Carduey embraced Morin, indicating a newfound affection for him. Tracy agreed to drop the charges against her.


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