Captain Smith
Captain Smith (center), with Chief Shellbury (left) and Dick Tracy (right)

First Appearance:

January 16th, 1938

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4

Captain Smith was a Coast Guard officer stationed in Dick Tracy's city. He was a bald man with pronounced ears and thin hair on the side of his head.

The Human Traffickers Edit

When Tracy was investigating Stud Bronzen's human trafficking activities, he approached Captain Smith for aid. Smith agreed with Tracy's assessment of the evidence and introduced Tracy to Chief Shellbury, of whom Smith spoke highly.

Notes Edit

  • Captain Smith apparently had no further direct involvement with Tracy's investigation of the human trafficking ring after introducing Tracy to Chief Shellbury.
  • There is no stated connection between Chief Smith and any of the other characters named Smith that have appeared in the strip (i.e. Laffy Smith, Memphis Smith, etc).

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