Brighton Spotts
Brighton Spotts (left), with Junior Tracy

First Appearance:

July 3rd, 1938

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Parents

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 5

Brighton Spotts was a precocious young man from the town of Layton Junction. An aspiring detective, Brighton gathered evidence about the Jojo Nidle railroad robbery gang which he brought to Dick Tracy.

Brighton was thin, with large eyes, a bulbous nose, curly red hair, and freckles. Brighton claimed to study criminology and also demonstrated a fondness for disguises.

The Nidle GangEdit

Brighton had assembled clues about the activities of the Jojo Nidle gang, which prompted Dick Tracy to begin his investigation. Later, Brighton convinced Junior Tracy that they should become more directly involved in the case. They stowed away on a freight train, took some supplies from Brighton's home and lay in wait at a location where they expected the Nidle gang to strike.

The Nidle gang arrived and Brighton shot Jojo Nidle through the hand. The boys were captured by the gang, who killed the local Marshal when he tried to rescue the boys. The boys were hidden in a nearly empty tank car that had been transporting molasses, but were later found by Dick Tracy after Nidle had been killed.

The Oblivious BrightonEdit

Brighton remained friends with Junior, and later sampled the baked goods prepared by the fugitive Karpse, who had taken a job as a baker at Mrs. Trueheart's delicatessen. Brighton failed to detect Karpse's fiendish nature, declaring the man to have a "non-criminal face".

Notes Edit

  • Junior's friendship with Brighton may be seen as a precursor to the eventual formation of the Crimestoppers Club.

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