Brenda Starr

Created By:

Dale Messick

Known Associates:

Hank O'Hair

Brenda Starr was a well-known journalist and adventurer. She was an attractive woman with distinctive red hair. For most of her career, she worked for the "Daily Flash" newspaper in Chicago.

Interviewing TracyEdit

In 1994, during the brief period in which Tess Tracy had filed for divorce from Dick, Brenda arrived at Tracy's office to interview him about modern romance.

Starr found herself attracted to the detective, and was embarrassed when she learned that the divorce had not been finalized. Tracy thanked her for the perspective she had provided about what modern women want.


  • Brenda Starr was the main character in the long-running serialized newspaper comic strip Brenda Starr, Reporter. It debuted in June 1940, and was distributed by Tribune Media Services, the same distributor of Dick Tracy.
  • The Brenda Starr interview was a series of 7 specially-produced strips. The artwork seems to have been split between the strips' creative teams.

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