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Braces was a criminal who attempted to obtain the sensitive satellite communications data held inside the Genesis Corporation building. He wore corrective orthodontic braces on his teeth.

Braces tried to gain access to the Genesis building using his charm and good looks, but was eventually forced to resort to brute strength. To that end, Braces purchased a large laser-eyed robot from overseas which he called “Magnum Force”.

Magnum Force broke into the Genesis building and entered the vaults, giving Braces and his team access to the data they sought. At this time, Dick Tracy and his new robot Traze-R (which had been created by Diet Smith as a resource for law enforcement) arrived and the two robots battled. Magnum Force was severely damaged.

Braces tried to recover the wreckage of Magnum Force, but Magnum’s severed arm latched on to the braces in his mouth and an electrical burst killed him.