Bart "Blade" Bush

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Dick Locher

Bart "Blade" Bush was a member of Flattop's gang. He was killed in a shootout with police, apparently during Dick Tracy's escape from Flattop.

Notes Edit

  • Bart "Blade" Bush first appeared in a Rogues' Gallery feature. It is essentially a retcon, inserting the character into the existing narrative of Flattop.
  • The name "Bart Bush" is taken from a well-known fan of the Dick Tracy comic strip. He has a substantial collection of memorabilia from the strip.
  • The character was presumably intended as a tribute to Mr. Bush from the creative team at the time.
  • Another character named Bart Bush appeared later in the strip.
  • The name "Bart Bush" was also applied to one of the journalists in the novelization of the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film.