Real Name: Florio Stark

First Appearance: 1936

Creator: Gould


A member of the "Purple Cross Gang", Baldy Stark decided to leave the gang and reform. This led to a dispute among his former gang members about how to split up Baldy's share of the gang's loot. When the gang tried to force their leader into an even split, the leader mowed down the rest of the gang with a machine gun.

The leader then went after Baldy, and attacked him at his home. Baldy turned out the lights, and when the boss accidently opened the door to the refrigerator turning on its light, Baldy was able to shoot and kill him.

Baldy was arrested for murder and, wanting to spare his sister Nina and his daughter Angelina the trauma of lengthy trial, pleaded guilty to murder. But after reviewing the evidence, Dick Tracy interceded on his behalf him with the judge, and was able to get the sentence reduced to only 20 years in prison.

Known RelativesEdit

  • Nina, sister
  • Angelina, daughter

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