Auntie Flattop
Auntie Flattop (center), with Dick Tracy, Sam Catchem, and Lizz

First Appearance:

June 28th, 1956

Known Relatives:

Poptop Jones, Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Uncle
Unnamed Aunt
Blowtop Jones, Brother
Flattop Jones Sr., Brother (deceased)
Sharptop Jones, Brother
Stiletta Jones, Sister-in-Law (deceased)
Flattop Jones Jr., Nephew (deceased)
Angeltop Jones, Niece (deceased)
Hi-Top Jones, Great-Nephew
Unnamed Husband (deceased)
Frizzletop, Cousin
Dennis O'Copper, Cousin-in-Law

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

Auntie Flattop was the sister of Flattop Jones Sr., possibly his twin. She shared the family's physical traits of dark hair, heavy eyelids, prominent lips and flat-headedness.

Her name was not revealed and Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem addressed her only as "Auntie Flattop". 

Raising Her Brother's SonEdit

Auntie Flattop was a widow. After her brother's death, her niece Angelica was put in a foster home and her nephew, Flattop Jr. (who was six years old at the time) was put in her care in South Dakota. She had to work to support herself and her nephew, which resulted in him often being left unsupervised. She was aware of young Flattop's artistic and mechanical genius, and also his growing criminal tendencies.

When Flattop and his partner Joe Period were on a crime spree, including the killing of "Nothing" Yonson, she was worried and expressed remorse about his behavior. When Tracy visited her seeking information regarding Flattop Jr., she was fully willing to cooperate but could offer little information as to her nephew's whereabouts.

By all indications, she was a responsible law-abiding citizen like her brother Sharptop.


  • There were portraits of some flat-headed relatives hanging in her house with one labeled "Mother", but they have not been identified.
  • It is unknown how Flattop Jr. was placed into Auntie's care after Flattop drowned, given that Stiletta was alive in Europe as a circus performer. It's possible that Stiletta wasn't aware of her husband's death and Auntie was Floyd Jr's next of kin or Auntie Flattop volunteered